About Us

At NASCO, we listen intently and give form to our clients’ vision.”


NASCO, LLC is a general contractor and construction management firm specializing in commercial construction and site development. Based out of Baltimore, MD, we are a versatile company with wide ranging experience including multi-family residential, technology integrated “smart-buildings”, and various multi-use facilities.

As a full service contractor and building maintenance firm, NASCO successfully serves a variety of customer types including businesses, homeowners and government clients.  Our services span the entire life-cycle of construction projects including initial planning, design, sub-contractor selection, project management and final sign off and use and occupancy. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations by providing our clients with competitive pricing and the highest quality work product.

    • Professional hands-on management of all construction activities from start to completion
    • Meticulous planning and scheduling
    • Detailed and accurate documentation
    • Proactive quality assurance
    • Fair and timely cost effective budgeting
    •  Open and honest communication
    • Teamwork approach to problem solving and resolutions
    •  Expert knowledge of the construction industry
    • Strong partnerships with industry experts and leaders , both locally and internationally



Construction Services: Site Development, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing


Project Design: Strategies for Early Planning, Project Designs, Funding Sources and Uses Advisory, Cost Estimates, Project Scheduling, Value Engineering

Project Management: Onsite Supervision, Quality Control, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance

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